Standard Wheel Alignment

It’s very important to keep on top of the wheel alignment on your car. With the condition of the roads, pot holes and kerbs can easily ‘knock out’ the alignment of your wheels. This causes excessive tyre wear, increased fuel consumption, and generally spoils the pleasure of your driving experience. Ultimately a car with a poorly setup wheel alignment costs you money.

It’s a false economy to keep replacing expensive tyres when your alignment is incorrect. The price of an annual alignment check is far more cost effective.

Get the precision and pleasure back into your drive, like your car felt when it was brand new. A well aligned car handles and tracks much more smoothly and accurately, is more fun, more efficient and safer.

Here at BDM we use a state of the art 3D alignment table that checks Camber, Castor, Toe and more.

Performance Wheel Alignment & Geometry Setup

With over 20 years of engineering in motorsport, we have developed the best geometry specifications for a huge array of sports cars. After a short conversation to grasp your requirements we can produce the best set up for your car within its adjustment parameters. If required we can provide products to adjust your car beyond its standard adjustability.

Generally, most road cars are set up with a geometry that is bias to Understeer. This makes the car very neutral but very easy for most unskilled drivers to collect when pushed a bit hard. The downside to this set up becomes apparent when you want to push your car harder. With our vast knowledge and experience in the racing arena we can transform your cars handling characteristics, sharpen the turning, reduce understeer and significantly improve tyre wear.

You may want to use your car for fast road use, a combination of road and track or purely for motorsport. We can provide set ups specifically for your use.

Prices for performance alignment & geometry are variable, so please contact us on 01908 648081 or online here to arrange a quote.

  • "Just to let you know I got on so well today the best day ever on track! The new GEO, tyres and breaks worked wonderfully! The turn in the as so much better, the car feels more settled, it still understeers a bit but not to the level it was last time out but it was easy to correct and over or under steer and the main thing was to have fun! I beasted others who have normally kicked my ass on track as they spend the money on the right set up and now Ive taken my baby steps it was just amazing the car now inspires even more confidence so I was able to push on a lot harder, faster and smoother! I will be back up to get the GEO checked soon before I chuck it under cover!"

    Andrew – Bucks
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